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Dancing ritual from india

Dancing ritual from india 1

Classical indian dance ceremonial dance is a major category or classification of dance forms or dance styles where the purpose is ceremonial or ritualistic this compares to other major dance categories based on purpose.

Dancing ritual from india 2

Span classnews_dtjun 08 2010spannbsp018332snakes are highly revered by people in india and are worshipped as divine beings in india there are temples dedicated to snakes were several forms of worship and complex rituals.

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In dance indian classical dance the six recognized schools of indian classical dance developed as a part of religious ritual in which dancers worshipped the gods by telling stories about their lives and exploits.

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drama indian dance and dance drama in the cultures of the indian subcontinent drama and ritual have been integral parts of a single whole from earliest recorded history the first evidences of ritual dance drama performances occur in the rock paintings of mirzapur bhimbetka and in other sites which are variously dated 20000 5000 bce.

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dance in india comprises numerous styles of dances generally classified as classical or folk thirayattam is a ritual performing ethnic art of kerala state this vibrant art form is performed in courtyards of sacred groves and village shrines during the thirayattam festival this art form combines dance music drama instrumental music.

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Historic indian traditions also used many plants and herbs as remedies or in spiritual celebrations creating a connection with spirits and the after life some of these plants and herbs used in spiritual rituals included sage bear berry red cedar sweet grass tobacco and many others.

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Dancing ritual from india

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